INTRODUCTION5 Dec. 2019 Story Idea A giant, ultra-intelligent robot lands on Earth and begins to destroy New York, scraping together materials from the city to build something.   All attempts at communication are ignored, and ever-increasingly violent and destructive attacks against it prove futile. The people on planet Earth begin to plan.  Their best scientists, their Throng

Siege Worlds: Reboot

INTRODUCTION20 July 2020 Story Idea When amateur historian Andrew Phillips wakes up on a tropical beach following a brutal car accident, he is bewildered to find himself alongside famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi, the gladiator Flamma, Joan of Arc, and an assembly of some of Earth’s greatest warriors throughout history. Each remembers the circumstance of his Siege Worlds: Reboot


INTRODUCTION5 Dec. 2019 Story Idea Aria Ranpu is the 21 year old daughter of the king of Sambai (the 18th daughter and princess), a small, oil-rich and fictitious high-tech nation close to Dubai.  She’s the scandal of her family, due to her rebellious nature, sexual brazenness, and chosen profession as a world-famous youtube/instagram star. Fiercely Pumi


INTRODUCTION5 Dec. 2019 Story Idea Before an extinction-level asteroid hit earth in 2040, humans had just two years to prepare. Efforts to deflect it failed, and a couple of thousand people evacuate to attempt to live sustainably in lunar lava tubes, and other habitats, on the south pole of the Moon. The stories will be Moon-1

Luma and Me

INTRODUCTION5 Dec. 2019 Story Ideas A bedtime comic for kids. Parents and children together follow the customizable adventures of a cute unicorn dragon named Luma who befriends a little girl or boy. Thanks to the child’s simple magic made from found objects, together they learn valuable life lessons. Remember the magic of “pop-up” books when Luma and Me