Shi Yang

Shi Yang

Originally an extremely beautiful prostitute, then married a pirate captain. After his death, she became captain and went on to build and lead the biggest pirate fleet in world history.

Cosplayer: Maria Mercado


Begins life as an orphan, growing up in a por-side brothel servicing sailors. She marries pirate captain, then goes on to beat several nations’ navies, amassing a huge fleet of ships and crew members in the process. In later life she finally submits to the will of the Chinese government. Her new husband was awarded the rank of Lieutenant and allowed to keep 20-30 ships under government control. Shi Yang received a full pardon, including pork, wine and money, and finished her life operating a prosperous gambling house near Quangdong. She died at the age of 69.


Shi is extremely intelligent and calculated, although she has a short temper and speaks her mind at all times. She is accustomed to being obeyed. As a pirate captain, Shi is used to keeping order amongst her predominantly male crew. She will want to control every situation, commanding the attention of everybody around her. She doesn’t like people disagreeing with her, and will happily use curse words and insults with reckless abandon. Shi Yang is used to getting her own way and has no problem using the threat of violence to achieve this, but will also resort to the use of flattery and seduction if she thinks it will achieve her goals.


Shi’s humble beginnings as an orphan that grows up in a brothel is a part of her story that she will not divulge willingly. She will also play down her role as a ‘pirate’ publicly, instead insisting that she was of noble blood.

Anyone caught giving commands on their own or disobeying a command from a superior is to be immediately decapitated.

Pilfering from common treasury or public fund, and stealing from villagers who supplied the pirates were capital offences.

No pirate could retain any goods before inspection.

Goods had to be registered and then distributed by the fleet leader.

20% of the booty was to be returned to the original captor and the remainder was placed in a joint treasury or storehouse.

Currency was to be handed over to the squadron leader, part was turned over to the fleet, and some back to the captor.