Luma and Me

5 Dec. 2019

Story Ideas

A bedtime comic for kids. Parents and children together follow the customizable adventures of a cute unicorn dragon named Luma who befriends a little girl or boy. Thanks to the child’s simple magic made from found objects, together they learn valuable life lessons. Remember the magic of “pop-up” books when you were a kid? We’re working on digital versions of that to entertain and delight kids, teach reading skills, and show the magic of our new format.

Character Ideas

Lily: Wears a zip up hoodie that looks like a unicorn. Adds wings to make it look like unicorn dragon. (99.9% of the story she has the dragon unicorn one so definitely more art for that one) Medium length black/brown hair under the hood. Pajama shirt and pants because the dragon unicorn comes at night.

Luma: Rainbow colour dragon, unicorn horn, dragon wings, round nubby teeth, nubby spines. Shoots rainbows out his mouth instead of flames. Can turn things different colour and even himself to camouflage​. What is Luma’s favourite food? 

Bad guy (Greyscale): He’s a boring/lazy Basilisk who wants the whole world to be grey and boring like him.


Lily lives in a house in a coastal town. Many of the buildings seem old and most are grey or earth-toned. Near the beginning of the tale lots of fog and everything seems drab, this is the effect from Greyscale’s power. 

Time Period: Present day 

Location: Luma comes from an ancient rainbow galaxy, only accessible via rainbow. Greyscale comes with the ocean fog.

Concept Art