5 Dec. 2019

Story Idea

Aria Ranpu is the 21 year old daughter of the king of Sambai (the 18th daughter and princess), a small, oil-rich and fictitious high-tech nation close to Dubai.  She’s the scandal of her family, due to her rebellious nature, sexual brazenness, and chosen profession as a world-famous youtube/instagram star. Fiercely independent, her family was happy to allow her to move to New York City, where she lives in a penthouse on top of a building her family owns.  She’s the CEO of the “Aria” brand fashion company that sells perfume, makeup, lingerie, clothing, and other beauty products, where she’s also the star model, much to her family’s embarassment.

She has two secret identities.

First is as Pumi.  Blessed (or cursed) with Nephilim DNA, she’s at least four times as strong as an ordinary human, twice as fast, and has heightened senses and healing abilities.  From a young age, her grandmother Pita, who is the only one who knows her powers, has urged her to hide her powers from society and the rest of her family. Trained in gymnastics, dance, and fencing as a member of the royal family, she is a formidable fighter.  Her grandmother mysteriously disappears, leaving to her a 5000 year old Egyptian costume that further enhances her powers, and gives her new ones.

Her second secret identity is as a covert agent for a CIA splinter operation, known to her as the NEA.  Recruited at age 16 and trained in martial arts, combat weaponry, disguise, infiltration, and seduction while still in high school.  Since the age of eighteen, she has been sent on missions that usually involve the rescue of women from prostitution rings or drug lords.  Because of her powers, she’s incredibly successful. Her handler, Sindarin, is her only contact with the NEA. He’s also her first love and is highly manipulative and secretive with her, but she’s too blinded by her infatuation with him.

As far as Aria knows, there’s no other people or supernatural entities in the world other than she and her grandmother.  In the Pumi series, she will discover, battle, and gradually unravel a vast conspiracy led by undead and other horrors currently hidden from the world of ordinary people.

Pita, the Grandmother of Aria

Aria was never close with her mother, but was the favorite of her grandmother, Pita, who recognized very early that she had the same Nephilim blood as her.  Grandmother was determined to pass on the Ubasti suit to her. She saw her strength and speed and convinced her early on not to show off her skills in school, so as not to draw attention to them, but never told Aria any of the backstory of who she was, what the Nephilim are, or anything else.

One day, her grandmother disappeared, leaving a box with the suit in it, and a short note telling her to take care of this, do good, and that she hoped to be back from a mission.  She was never seen again. Pumi is determined to find her.

Sindarin, the Boss and Mentor to Aria

Sindarin was her trainer at the NEA and now her only contact there.  She fell in love with him during her SAS training (Sex and Seduction.)  Where to him it was just business, she fell for him hard.  In the story, they are rarely sexually active together, although she will constantly scheme to get him back.  Sindarin tells her he has feelings for her too, but sex is unprofessional and forbidden and could get them both fired or even killed for disobeying the rules.   


It’s present day Earth, with a few fictitious countries and cities thrown in, such as the Sambai country that Pumi is from.  Superheroes, monsters, and magic are not known to exist to the general public. Pumi must be very stealthy, and when her powers are witnessed, people are stunned and don’t believe what they’ve seen.  Often they make excuses to justify what they witnessed.

VR Experience

Concept Art