Siege Worlds: Reboot

20 July 2020

Story Idea

When amateur historian Andrew Phillips wakes up on a tropical beach following a brutal car accident, he is bewildered to find himself alongside famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi, the gladiator Flamma, Joan of Arc, and an assembly of some of Earth’s greatest warriors throughout history. Each remembers the circumstance of his or her own death; they speak the same, mysterious language; and nobody knows how they came to find themselves in this strange land.

Besieged by attacks from monstrous creatures ascending from the waters depths, the heroes must learn from their mistakes, enduring a constant cycle of war and rebirth in order to find the answers they so desperately seek.

Where are they? why are they here? and who is watching them?

Siege Worlds: Reboot is a comic created to accompany Lightningworks’ first blockchain-based MMORPG.  


Players of the Siege Worlds game will find important clues within the comic, and using NFT technology, can discover valuable items for use within the game.


Learn more about our game at this website:   

Siege Worlds Website

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