5 Dec. 2019

Story Idea

A giant, ultra-intelligent robot lands on Earth and begins to destroy New York, scraping together materials from the city to build something.  

All attempts at communication are ignored, and ever-increasingly violent and destructive attacks against it prove futile.

The people on planet Earth begin to plan.  Their best scientists, their greatest leaders, and their bravest heroes begin to combine all their resources to analyze it, destroy it, or drive it off of Earth before it’s too late. 

Throng Robot Size Comparisons

How many ways are there to fight a giant robot and disrupt whatever it’s planning?  Should New York be sacrificed?  What does it want?

Yet things may not be all that they seem, and who’s the hero of this story anyway?

Throng VR Experience

The alien invader stands at around 1000 feet high, but what does that mean to the reader? 

We want fans to be able to stand next to it, inside a wrecked city, look up, and understand it’s immensity with the THRONG VR EXPERIENCE!

Concept Art