Our platform offers a revolutionary new way for artists to generate unique and interactive stories. Artists can build upon the comic genre, adding custom animations, sounds, and game-play.


Readers can enjoy and connect with creators and their tales like never before. Unique interactions and visuals guarantee an amazing experience for every type of reader.


Our team is in the process of creating the first round of adventures for the demo release. Stay tuned and read on for more details!

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Lightningworks studio


A giant, ultra-intelligent robot lands on Earth and begins to destroy New York, scraping together materials from the city to build something. The seven billion people on planet Earth align all their resources, and their best and brightest minds to analyze it, destroy it, or drive it off the planet before it’s too late. Yet things may not be all that they seem, and who’s the hero of this story anyway?​

Luma and Me digital motion comic

Luma and Me

A bedtime comic for kids. Parents and children together follow the customizable adventures of a cute unicorn dragon named Luma who befriends a little girl or boy. Thanks to the child’s simple magic made from found objects, together they learn valuable life lessons. Remember the magic of “pop-up” books when you were a kid? We’re working on a digital versions of that to entertain and delight kids, teach reading skills, and show the magic of our new format.



Before an extinction level asteroid hit earth in 2040, humans had just two years to prepare. Efforts to deflect it failed, and a couple thousand people evacuate to attempt to live sustainably in lunar lava tubes on the south pole of the Moon. This stories are based on real science, and we attempt to solve problems that moon settlers would face.  Backed by a board of top space and technology scientists and experts, we will run contests to help develop ideas that become part of the Moon-1 story.  “I saw that first on Moon-1” is our mantra.  Creating excitement and awareness for humanity’s return to the moon, and staying for good with permanent human occupation, is our goal.



Pumi is a superhero who has inherited a 5000-year-old set of jewelry and clothing from her mysterious grandmother and each piece of the suit gives her special powers. With this costume she is the living personification of the Egyptian goddess Ubasti, also known as Bast or Bastet.  By day, she’s known to the world as Aria Ranpu:  a supermodel, an Instagram star, and the wealthy black sheep princess of a Middle Eastern royal family.  She also maintains a second secret identity as a spy for a shadowy branch of the U.S. government.  Pumi’s stories will be adult-oriented, sex-positive content in the style of Game of Thrones, True Blood, and The Witcher.