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Motion art made collectible using Blockchain. Scarce digital art, brought to life with CineFX. Embedded games, easter eggs and prizes.

The greatest stories
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Our platform offers a revolutionary new way for artists to generate unique and interactive stories. Artists can build upon the comic genre, adding custom animations, sounds, and game-play.


Readers can enjoy and connect with creators and their tales like never before. Unique interactions and visuals guarantee an amazing experience for every type of reader.


Our team is in the process of creating the first round of adventures for the demo release. Stay tuned and read on for more details!

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Creator App

Create full comics - and other digital art to be exported for release on our platform.

Interactivity - for mini games, easter eggs, hidden objects, phantom interactions, and much more, keeping fans and collectors engaged.

CineFx - Add special effects to add visuals and sound to comics in groundbreaking ways.

Social Interaction - An ecosystem designed to incentivize and reward interaction between fans and creator teams.

Content Rating Tiers - Build comics for different age levels with rating tiers. Now your "Game of Thrones" style NC-17 story, can also be delivered age-appropriately to younger audiences, greatly expanding the market.

Viewer APP

Collect - Store, save, and organize your digital arts in our Viewer App.

Crowdfund - Support your favorite artists by subscribing, buying SWAG or bonus content!

Cinema Mode - Read your comics like paper versions, or watch them more like TV in our unique "Cinema Mode".

Mini game - Interact with and directly influence the stories content.

AMPD media has a line of several stories, concepts and projects all based on original content! We will be continuing to innovate and develop more stories, versions and concepts to keep you reading and participating!

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