Pamela Gómez Gutiérrez

(Pamgutti) illustrator, painter from the University of Costa Rica, comic and manga artist and 2D digital animator.

At the beginning she worked as an illustrator for the Nation group for children's books and teaching at various international schools and colleges.

She has participated as a 2D animator and main artist of 4 films and several shorts in motion graphics and 2D animation, for North American production companies for 8 years, Australian and New Zealand.

In the comics area she has worked for several North American companies and for Black Ruby Comics in Australia and a collaboration with Sisimiki Studio. She has ventured into illustration and concept for companies such as La sala post, Shout studio, Luz marina, Truv studio, maui studios.

Portfolio: www.artstation.com

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Carlos Eduarte

(Cali), illustrator, cartoonist, character designer and animation director .

Cali Eduarte has successfully ventured into branches as diverse as advertising illustration, editorial cartooning and animation.

One of the founders of the emblematic company Asesores Gráficos, he has stood out as a designer of advertising characters, including characters for companies and institutions such as Kimberly Clark, Mucap, Acorde, Polymer, Alimentos Jacks, Hortifruty, Grupo Nación, among many others.

He is currently animation director and founding partner of Studio Flex, a digital animation company, where he has directed half a dozen films in 2D animation for North American production companies.

He was a member of the Costa Rican Comic Collective and an illustrator for comic magazines, such as Camaleón, K-OZ and Neozaga.

For 10 years he illustrated the humorous cartoon section "Pura Vida" of the newspaper Al Día, of Grupo Nación

In 2006, he won first place in the renowned cartoon contest "Diogenes Taborda" in Argentina and has been part of production teams of animation projects that have been awarded more than twenty prizes in the last 10 years. Among these awards are: -XII Muestra de Cine y Video Costarricense. Best Animation. -23rd Costa Rican Film and Video Festival. Best Animation. -23rd Costa Rican Film and Video Festival. French Embassy Special Award. -XIV Costa Rican Film and Video Showcase. Best Animation. -XIV Muestra de Cine y Video Costarricense (14th Costa Rican Film and Video Festival). Audience Favorite. -ICVM Bronze Crown Award. Miami. 2012. -Best Entrepreneurial Company, El Financiero Newspaper, Grupo Nacion, 2010. -Worldfest Houston. Silver Remi Award. 2010.

In the academic area he is a founding partner of the Santa Grafica Arts Academy, he was also a professor of Character Design, concept art and sculpture at the School of Animation at Veritas University, he is a cartoonist for the newspaper El Mundo, worked as art and animation director at Herald Entertainment animation studio. Finalist of the comic contest of the Alliance Française. Storyboard artist for Mattel in series such as Barbie and PollyPocket.

Portfolio: www.instagram.com

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Stan Yak

Stan Yak’s career has seen him work with publishers including Alterna Comics, Source Point Press, and a variety of small press publishers.

His notable projects include Go West from Alterna and Broken Gargoyles with colorist Robert Nugent.

Portfolio: www.artstation.com

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Douglas Franchin

Douglas Franchin is a 27 years-old illustrator and arts teacher.

He has provided services for Dark Horse Comics drawing Halo Escalation, Sailor Steve Costigan in the Savage Sword anthology, and Halo Adult Coloring Book; for Marvel Comics drawing X-men Blue: Toil and Trouble; for DC Comics drawing the ‘Person of Interest’ comic book adaptation.

For indie projects, DG Franchin also worked on the Society of Virtue’s Volt in the Tunnel webcomic and Peregrine: Wings of the Falcon.

Portfolio: www.dgfranchin.com

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Giulia Gualazzi

Born in Milan, Italy I started my early journey in the artistic field by studying painting and visual art at the new fine art academy of Milan and at the comic School of Milan.

My very first co-produced series with writer Jeffrey Wilson, Spin Cycle (available on Comixology), has been one of many collaborations that would have come.

I later worked as character designer for comic fantasy series such as “Ennead the rule of Nine” (available on Kickstarter), “Cleanse V”, “The Watch”, and “London Gothic” (currently in production); as storyboard artist for the docs series “No church in the wild”, (available on Youtube). In June 2020 I joined Lev Gleason publication to create a brand new action series, Crimebuster, as main artist, along with the co-creation of the comic series “Retribution”, written by Robert R. Garcia, as main artist. (available on Kickstarter)

Portfolio: www.instagram.com

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Ilaria Chiocca

Ilaria Chiocca is an italian comic artist, illustrator and colorist.

Within the last two years she has published two manga style comic books with Shockdom comics as co-author; currently she’s working as a colorist for Fried Comics, Scout Comics and many other projects worldwide.

Portfolio: ilaplotto.artstation.com

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Annapaola Martello

An early collaboration on the TV show ‘Detto Fatto’ kickstarted the career of Annapaola Martello.

She now lives in Rome and has worked with a variety of publishers including Marvel (Silk # 4, Scarlet Witch # 12, Edge of Venomverse # 1, Marvel’s Black Panther prelude, Captain Marvel # 6 & # 7), Dynamite entertainment (Kiss / Vampirella) and Top Cow (Game Over).

Portfolio: www.deviantart.com

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Mauricio Vargas

Mauricio is a storyboard artist who has worked on several commercials for companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Snickers, Milky Way, and Cricket for the Latin American and American markets.

He has also worked for advertising directors in Europe, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, and the United States, and fortunate enough to have worked on successful Kickstarters such as ‘Destiny’s Fate’ and ‘Capitalism and
Other Stories’.

Portfolio: www.deviantart.com

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Ario Anindito

Ario is a professional comics artist, concept artist and art director that has recently finished working on Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic.

He has worked internationally for clients such as Marvel and DC. He has worked in art direction and concept design for movies and TVC. One of his notable TVC work, the L.A. Lights “Goat” version won the gold award at Citra Pariwara 2011, in the animation category.

Portfolio: www.marvel.com

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Cameron Stewart

Cameron Stewart is a writer and artist known for his extensive work for Marvel and DC Comics.

He is an Eisner-award winner for his original graphic novel Sin Titulo, and illustrated the New York Times bestseller Fight Club 2, written by acclaimed author Chuck Palahniuk.

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Ulises Arreola

Ulises is a colourist that has done some work on one of our variant covers.

In the past he has done extensive colour work for Marvel and DC, now working for Todd McFarlane Productions.

Portfolio: www.nutopia-agency.com

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Luca Colandrea

Born in Priverno, Italy, in 1987.

He has always been comics addicted since he was a kid, and after reading Mike Mignola’s “Dracula” the desire to be a cartoonist springs up in him.

After graduating in Industrial Design he then followed the course in Comics at the International School of Comics in Rome.

He is part of the Baboon Clan collective and after several collaborations as an assistant (Star Wars Adventures, Midnight Roads, Polaris) and self-productions (Naraka, Glitch) he made his debut as an artist on Samuel Stern #5.

He is currently working on some personal projects, while working on two titles from different publishing houses (“Song of Azelred” published by Shockdom and “The Metis” published by Markosia).

Portfolio: www.instagram.com

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Ariel Medel

Comic professional since 2012 entering the American industry in 2013 working for Zenescope in titles such as Quest, Masumi, Wonderland and Grimm Fairy Tales.

He has worked drawing John Carter: Warlord of Mars, written by the famous Ron Marz and Xena: The Warrior Princess for Dynamite Entertainment.

He also drew The Unbeatables, written by Fabian Nicieza, for Marvel Comics and Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman for Dynamite Comics. He is currently working on completing the sci-fi action graphic novel trilogy, Astral Genesis,
Astral Evolution, and Astral Alliance as well as independent titles like ACD, Skater Girls, and Spider Squirrel.

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Riz works as a visual effects artist.

Growing up as a fan of watching sci-fi movies and reading comics, his love for sci-fi and pop culture has lead him in a career in the arts, visual effects and animation.

Portfolio: www.instagram.com

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Travis Mercer

I have been reading comics all of my life but it was not until Scott McDaniel’s run on Nightwing where I began to actually pay attention to the art and the artists. is way of depicting movement and using solid blacks for
lighting got me hooked! I am still influenced by some of the greats that I saw from the 90’s like Jim Lee, Brett Booth, Michael Turner and Todd McFarland.

More recent artists that really inspire me are Jorge Jimenez, Dan ora, Sean Gordan Murphy, Scott Godlewski, Kael Ngu, Bele’n Ortega and many others.

I was trained traditionally and learning how to implement that digitally to find the perfect balance is one of my big artistic goals My Previous work Experience of note: DC Comics- Red Hood: Outlaw Dynamite Comics- Green
Hornet MadCave Studio -RV9 Super Best Friends-Cover

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