Rare Traits

Everything you ever wanted to know

Most of our digital collectibles will have a character that has many different Traits, and each Trait has different tiers of rarity. What’s the big deal about rare traits and why would anyone want one?

Really it’s just about adding FUN and COLLECTIBILITY to digital collectibles. We know that collectors like rare stuff. They like unique stuff too. The marketplace is a lot more fun when all the covers are different.

Our fans love how they get multiple surprises when they buy our stuff. It creates a better EXPERIENCE than just buy and forget. I used to love buying packs of Magic: The Gathering collectible cards, and then tearing open the packs to see if I got anything special. That was more fun than the game itself! So we’ve added that to our comic collecting experience.

Some people might not care… they’ll just buy and read the comics and not bother to take the time to learn about Tiers and Traits. But that’s fine… there will be readers, collectors, and speculators. Together they make a more vibrant ecosystem with different motivations.

The following article will go in depth into the WHY and HOW of rare traits, and how you can benefit by understanding them. Soon, we’ll have the tools so that any comic and manga creators will be able to add all of this to their work, making it more collectible in the digital realm, and better for building community and an enthusiastic fan base.

Why Traits and Not just Tiers?

Our digital collectibles usually will have 9 tiers… 5 you can get immediately and 4 more that you need to forge for. While forging is super fun to do, we wanted to make a lot of fun variants too, because we know comic collectors love variant covers, and the same goes for coins, stamps, baseball cards, etc… anything odd that’s misprinted can give value. So we just built that in, and we know it worked for NFTs as well to get people excited to buy and hope for something rare and more valuable.

So, even if you have a Common Tier comic, it might include a character that has an extremely rare trait, making you question whether you should Forge it or not.

Should you or shouldn’t you forge something with a rare trait? That really just depends on whether the community values that rare trait. A T8 trait would be extremely rare, but nobody might care about that Trait. On the other hand, someone might start a use case or a club that requires a specific Trait to be owned to be able to participate.

Trait Rarity Chart

Generally, but not always, we’ll be following a rarity chart as follows:

When we get to Tier 10 we may have multiple options, which are 1-in-1000 chance (0.10%). If we go farther than Tier 10, to Tier 11, 12, etc, then the chance of those appearing at all may be too rare to be worth taking the time to create the art for it. However, we may have a T11+ from time to time. For the GUM collection, we’re going all the way to T30!

For future collections we intend to put a T1 or T9 in the trait name itself so it’s easier, on global marketplace websites like Open Sea, to see if an item has a rare tier and may be worth grabbing.

Special Use Cases for Traits

Part of the fun of what we’re doing is creating special Use Cases for various traits. These could be free airdrops, uses in our game, special club membership, a free t-shirt or items, etc. We may not even announce it but do it later. The use case may not even be made by the team, but could be done by another fan!

For example, these might be special use cases:

  • We might announce, before selling Siege Worlds #2, that anyone who gets a Shi Yang with a red necklace, will also get airdropped a special Shi Yang pin-up NFT from the Founder’s Collection.
  • We might also do this AFTER the mint is done. For example, we might say that we’re giving a free LightningWorks Portal to one of anyone that has a Siege Worlds Zero cover with Toshiro with a Bowl hat. This would then create a rush to buy/sell those comics that have it, creating some aftermarket frenzy that pumps up the price of it for a while.
  • One of fans who love Kumo, may announce that anyone with a Kumo wearing Red Boots will receive a free Kumo Art that he/she drew, as a way of drawing attention to some Kumo CLAN art that he or she has for sale.
  • We might create a VIP area in the Siege Worlds game, or the potential of a special weapon drop, for anyone with a particular Trait, as long as the comic with that trait is held in the same wallet that they have connected to the game.

The possibilities are endless and thanks to blockchain, we can add a new element of special uses cases that make collecting our comics more fun, while potentially adding new types of value to collectors.

Ultra Rare Covers

One of our Traits will often be what we call an Ultra Rare Cover. For Siege Worlds Zero, Siege Worlds #1, and Starblind #1, we are giving it around a 3% chance to get an Ultra Rare. These covers have a completely different style, which we’ve designed as vintage 1980’s Marvel Cover Tributes, which was my (Geoff’s) personal favorite era of comics.

There are 7 Tiers of Ultra Rare Covers, too, so within the Ultra Rare set, some are more common than others, making the T6 and T7 Ultra Rares extremely rare.

In addition, these “URs” also still have a standard Rarity Tier such as Common, Uncommon, through Apocalyptic. So, it’s possible to get a double-rare item such as an Ultra Rare Apocalyptic!

Ultra Rare Covers, so far, don’t have their own individual traits, so two Ultra Rares of the same Tier will look exactly the same.

Part of the fun of Ultra Rares, is that we will not display these covers to the community before minting them. So, they will be a surprise for the community to see what they look like once someone is lucky enough to get one, and hopefully will post it on our socials for other fans to see it. As of this writing nobody has generated a T7 Ultra Rare of Siege Worlds Zero, even though over 5000 have been minted.

Keep in mind, this is just a general list for Common Tier. The chance is even more unlikely of getting a higher tier. However, by strategically forging, a savvy collector can increase the odds. In this way, we hope that Forge Fans will buy up the cheaper comics that are dumped on the market, and use them to forge in search of extraordinarily rare UR covers on higher tiers.

Rare Trait Combinations

Having traits and doing them by color makes it fun to look out for rare combinations or color groups. We don’t yet know how the collecting community will value things. They may not care, but the potential is there because of what we’ve built. For example, on the Siege Worlds Zero cover, it’s rare for any of his traits to be RED. It’s even more rare to have more than one RED trait at the same time. Getting ALL RED traits on Toshiro would be almost impossible. For example, see this calculation, showing that the chance of an all-red Toshiro is over 100 Billion to one!

Siege Worlds Zero Rare Traits

We plan to build a tool to help collectors see their rare traits more easily within the collector’s panel. But for now, many people are curious as to which traits are more rare, so we prepared some diagrams to help our fans know which are more rare.

This will also help you to understand the types of things you’ll be looking for, and how we create rare trait variants.


In conclusion, our incorporation of rare traits and tiers into digital collectibles creates a multifaceted ecosystem that benefits collectors, readers, and speculators alike. We are building the tools so anyone can add these features to their digital collectibles using our ecosystem, so soon CREATORS can benefit too.

By blending elements of surprise, rarity, and exclusivity, on top of AAA quality stories and character development, these collectibles offer a dynamic and engaging experience that goes beyond ownership.

Collectors are not just acquiring digital items; they are participating in a vibrant community where each collectible can represent a unique story, a potential investment, or a ticket to exclusive content and experiences.

This system not only enhances the value of individual collectibles but also fosters a sense of community and excitement, making the act of collecting a more immersive and rewarding journey.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a new enthusiast, this ecosystem offers a rich tapestry of opportunities to explore, connect, and revel in the thrill of discovering something truly rare and special.