Anastia, once an innocent farm girl from the Ukrainian countryside, found her fate twisted when a vampire's assault left her for dead in the medieval city of Kyiv 150 years ago.

A lone droplet of her killer’s blood and the enchantment of the woodland spirits allowed her to defy death, suspending her in a century-long slumber.

Awakening to a world she barely recognizes, her memories are shrouded in obscurity, but her veins now pulse with the potent combination of vampire and fae magic.

She finds herself entangled with a cadre of vampire hunters who view her dual powers as the ultimate weapon to vanquish their foes. Anastia embarks on a quest to rediscover her destiny amidst her moral conundrum, grappling with profound loss, a confusing affection for a man sworn to eradicate her kind, and an unyielding thirst for human blood.

Flamma - Baller

This short story is a diversion from within the Siege Crew’s experience on the beach between waves of enemies.

Flamma tells them an unbelievable tale from his life as a gladiator of Rome. He describes his epic battle and victory over Thomas, the largest gladiator of all time, who wields a giant spiked iron ball on a chain.

The aftermath of the battle has an unexpected twist, explaining one of the greatest mysteries from the Bible.

Through his words and deeds, the readers will learn more than they may want to about what type of man Flamma is.

Sadara, the great dome where all of known humanity is confined, is both a home and a prison, with all memories of the world beyond reduced to legends.

The sole known exit, "The Portal" mysteriously allows only females through, for a few minutes each year, while males daring the passage are reduced to ashes. Over thousands of years, only one warrior, Komatsuhime, returned from such a mission, mad a loon, but her survival has fueled humanity’s hope for freedom.

Each year, five elite female warriors, the "Gunflowers," from distinct districts, are selected through gladitorial contests to venture into the Portal. Their mission? To decipher the mysteries beyond and open the portal for all, freeing the people trapped inside.

This year, an unprecedented twist emerges: the underground district, Netherwarl, introduces its own contender, a sixth Gunflower named Nyxa.

With great fanfare and celebration, this year’s group goes through the portal, having trained in combat all their lives for the greatest honor: a near certain death at a young age.

As the Gunflowers combat the external perils they find on the other side, they also grapple with their internal agendas, mutual mistrust, and fierce rivalries.

Presented in vibrant manga-style, "Gunflowers" promises an epic journey of intrigue, defiance, and unparalleled bravery.

The end of Siege Worlds #1, leaves an open question as to what happens to Jeanette, who the others have wrongly taken to be the famous Joan of Arc.

This short comic, nine pages long, tells the brutal tale of her attempt to survive alone against the hordes that have already decimated Earth’s greatest heroes.

The story introduces a new villain for the Siege Crew, sets up some of the “Laws of the land” about how their reincarnation may work and introduces some of Jeanette’s personality and motivation.

In this nine-page short comic, we introduce Kumo and how he first met Shi Yang, becoming a core member of her legendary “Five Claws” team.

Set in the foothills of the Himalayas, Kumo is still a youth of nineteen years old, but already exposed to much tragedy.

Because of his massive size and strength, he has been revered as the living personification of the Hindu God of war, Kumara.

Kumo has lived a simple, mostly lonely life since the death of his parents. Shi Yang and Yuki’s appearance provide him with the motivation he needs to seek his fortune and adventure away from the tiny village that until now, is the only place he knows.

"Luma and Me" is a captivating tale centered around Lily, a young and melancholic girl with a pensive spirit. Upon finding seemingly mundane objects, to which she ascribes great magic, she unexpectedly conjures a spell, bringing forth Luma, a benevolent magical dragon, to offer both friendship and adventure.

Together, they embark on night-time journeys, meeting an eccentric menagerie of quirky and imaginative animals, beasts, and characters.

Throughout the narrative, readers are left pondering whether these adventures truly occur or are merely the vivid dreams of a lonely child's boundless imagination.

The year is 2040, and civilization as we know it is halted in its tracks by the impending impact of an extinction-level comet.

With just two years to prepare, before its catastrophic comet impact, a tiny fraction of Earth’s residents, including the brightest minds mixed with a number of randomly-selected civilians, escape the planet to try to homestead on the Moon.

Among them are genius nerds, drama queens, drug addicts, unforgettable buffoons, total idiots, and villains of the highest caliber, squabbling and scheming to survive.

Together, despite all their flaws and the difficult conditions they face, they will do their best to create a future for humanity.

A descendent of an ancient bloodline, Aria Ranpu is the black-sheep princess of an oil wealthy, Middle Eastern city-state. Born with super-human strength, her cat-like powers are further increased when she inherits a 5000-year-old suit that gives her the abilities of the Egyptian Ubasti, the Goddess of cats, fertility, and passion.

Expelled for her brazen sensuality and lifestyle by her conservative family at a young age, she has become a world-famous model, influencer, and owner of the icon fashion brand, Aria, and now lives in a rooftop penthouse in New York City.

In Pumi’s limited experience, she and her grandmother are the only beings she knows that have any sort of supernatural power, but in our story, she will quickly find herself in an undead-led underworld struggle for power and dominance spanning millennia.

As her alter-ego Pumi, Aria must fight against ancient forces of darkness, supernatural entities, shadowy pseudo-government agencies, and her own, more human desires.

Pumi is based on the idea of a female cross between Batman and James Bond, and her stories are adult-oriented, sex-positive, and we expect may generate some controversy because of their unique vision.

This is the early life of Shi Yang. Based loosely on the greatest pirate the world has ever known, Ching Shih.

Sold into child prostitution by her destitute mother, she escaped her unfortunate predicament and went on to rule all of the South China Seas, with the help of her Five Claws team of the best fighters throughout the known world.

Her Five Claws are Karnya from Australia, Kumo of India, Sita of Indonesia, Taraki of the Philippines, and Zato from Africa. In addition, her partner Yuki, plays a prominent role as another member of the team.

In these stories, set around the year 1800, we’ll learn some of her secrets, and the tragedies of her life, which she hides from even her closest friends, and thus what drives her motivation to dominate those around her.

We will also learn how her relentless pursuit of power sets in motion the events, centuries later, that befall her and the Siege Worlds crew in their world, reborn on monster beach.

The Siege Worlds series immerses readers in an epic tale of action and adventure in a mysterious land that holds the secrets to the rebirth of Earth's greatest heroes.

From the samurai Miyamoto Musashi to the fierce gladiator Flamma, from the fearless Joan of Arc to the sharpshooter "Bonnie Oakland", inspired by the real-life Annie Oakley, these legendary figures are thrown into an ultraviolent version of Groundhog Day as they desperately search for the truth behind their rebirth.

Following the journey of amateur historian Andrew Phillips, who wakes up after a fatal car accident, readers will be plunged into a world where legendary figures come to life and must learn to work together to attempt to escape their horrific predicament.

With each hero’s death fresh in his or her mind, the stage is set for a thrilling journey of discovery and action that will leave readers on the edge of their seats. Welcome to Siege Worlds, where history and fantasy collide in a battle for survival.

The story commences in a Magor mining prison colony called Grimstone, where our heroes emerge amidst the challenge of distinguishing friend from foe in a treacherous environment. Surrounded by natural barriers and rife with dangerous creatures, Grimstone is ruled by thugs, business elites, and gang leaders who auction off fresh prisoners as commodities to various mining factions.

In this harsh landscape, inmates must endure their sentences or embark on various types of Trilium mining. As they fight for survival and Trilium, they unknowingly uncover secrets that threaten all six planets: Eyeke, Kavian, Magor, Neri, Naron, and Veles.

A colossal, ultra-intelligent robot of unknown origin descends from orbit to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting Manhattan.

Following a wave of destruction and failed attempts at communication, the nations of the Earth must overcome their differences to gather their brightest minds, bravest heroes and collective resources in an all-or-nothing attempt to secure humanity's future.

In a battle of seven billion humans against just one giant robot, can humanity hope to survive against a threat that they could not have perceived? What are the alien machine’s motives? And what is the purpose of the huge structure it begins to assemble from the wreckage of America’s greatest city?

Follow the struggles of Jack, Elena, and an ever-expanding cast of characters as they try to pierce the veil of the biggest mystery and threat, that Earth has ever faced.

Valor is an exhilarating story that immerses readers in a treacherous jungle inhabited by fearsome monsters that seem determined to exterminate their tribe. The worst of these are the creatures known as 'mechkas'.

The story revolves around the determined protagonist Zepo, who, with his tribe and best friends Kachem and Dakeem and their adorable “Amana” sidekicks, seek to challenge these formidable adversaries.

The narrative pulses with action and suspense as it tests the trio's mettle, unity, and instincts for survival in the face of repeated perilous confrontations. Balanced by moments of surprise, humor and compassion, the storyline is enriched by the complex dynamics among the characters and the vividly depicted alien jungle world in which they operate.

At its core, "Valor" is a compelling exploration of survival, courage, and friendship, offering an adrenaline-fueled adventure that leaves a resonant impact.

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