Geoff McCabe

Founder and President Visionary Top-100 Crypto Founder. 

James Encke

Chief Technology Officer. 20+ Years Senior Software Engineer.

Heather Gazdik

Analyst and technologist, cross functional team member.

Jordan Fiksenbaum

Chief Executive Officer. Responsible for over $5b+ revenue, 50 million tickets sold at Cirque du Soleil.

Munib Rizvi

Chief Operations Officer – 15 years ops efficiency for fortune 100 companies.

Berto Cartagena

Founder of Identify Your Brand. Specializing in NFT & Web3 Marketing

Ace Harman

Writer, Art Director and Chief Production Officer

Jake O’Connor

Co-founder of Games Interactive

Thomas Burkhardt

Cryptocurrency experience since 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Blockchain Technology. Avid play-to-earn gamer and comic book fan.

Joe Abdallah

Blockchain Lead Developer

Pamela Sánchez

Full Stack Developer

Monica Guillen

Graphics Designer and UX/UI designer. Love pets, arts, science, MMORPG´s, and comics.

Pablo Méndez

Graphics Designer / Videos / HTML-CSS. He loves to be involved in anime, movies and video games world.

Paola Castro

Content Developer / Graphic Designer

Elias Gomez

Project Development Manager

Luis Smith


Sebastián Hidalgo


Daniel Vasquez

Electronic Developer / Designer

Abigail Loaiza

Full Stack Developer, Anime and Video Game lover, Otaku at heart, figure collector.

Maria Mercado

Head of PH Operations, Executive Assistant & Cosplay Manager.