Frequently Asked Questions


When is the mint?  When is the Reveal?

Mint: November 11th, 2022 at 11:11 AM EST.

The Portal Reveal: date and details will be announced shortly after launch .

At this step, you will find out what you got.  You’ll know if it’s a Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary.  We will begin to also clarify more of the specific USE CASES of what you can actually do with your portal.


What is the mint price?

0.0777 ETH


How many items are in the collection?

777 “LightningWorks Portals” will be available to be minted on 11/11/22.


What is being minted and where can I find details about the LightningWorks Portal and the benefits of owning one?

Please refer to website


Which platform will the NFT be released on?

Ethereum.  You will need an ETH address from an NFT Supported wallet.


How can I pay for the LightningWorks Portal (Genesis Mint)?

At our website you can pay with PayPal or a Credit Card, or with a variety of cryptocurrencies:

Fiat: PayPal 


DiviGo: Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, DOGE or DIVI

Paying in DIVI will receive a 10% discount.


Where will I be able to purchase the LightningWorks Portal?

The  link will be given on Nov 11th in an official channel in our discord and our official website.

Never trust a DM link and we will never hold a “Stealth” launch.  Please see Blog article about Mint and Payment Steps.


What ETH Address and Wallet should I use?


You will need an non-exchange ETH address and a crypto wallet that has NFT support, such as DiviGo, Metamask, Hardware or Trust Wallet. 

DO NOT use exchange addresses unless you’re 100% sure that NFTs are supported.  If in doubt, ask us.




How can I view my NFT?

You can also always see your NFT on Opensea @

If you are using DiviGo, TYPE in the chat “NFT” to see details and view.    If you have several NFTs, reply with the “#number” of the NFT you want to see from the list.


Which secondary markets will the NFT be listed on?

Most major NFT exchanges including OpenSea, Looks Rare, and Rarible, etc.


Is there an Allowlist/Whitelist?

Yes. Please join our Discord for more info.


Will there be a public mint?

Yes,  after the Allowlist/Whitelist purchase window has ended, the remaining supply will be available to the public.


What is the team allocation for the mint?

The company allocation for the mint will be 115 NFTs.
Then, over the next seven years, we will have a slow release of an additional 450 NFTs for our DAO and company to ensure project development is funded.  Please refer to this article


What are the secondary market royalties?

Secondary market royalties will be 7%.  These funds will be used for marketing and development to realize our vision highlighted in our roadmap.  Please refer to this article


Has the team been doxxed?

Yes! The entire team is completely doxxed. View our team section for more info.


What is DiviGo?

DiviGo is a chat app wallet, which uses messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Discord, Signal, iMessage, and Telegram to send and receive crypto.  At the time of Launch, it will ONLY be working via WhatsApp.  Get a DiviGo wallet here.


What if I need support or still have questions?

Please join the LightningWorks Discord and tag a Fearless Defender in the general chat.  We also have a dedicated #support channel.