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Siege Worlds Cover
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NFT specs

  • 2,300 AMPD Passes
  • Six Rarity Tiers from Common to Divine
  • Pass holders get future FREE NFTs
  • Distribution Discounts on future NFTs
  • Utility in our Siege Worlds game
  • Future Staking Rewards
  • Hidden Easter Eggs
  • More Utility to be announced...


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Its SECRET cover won't be revealed until it's minted by FORGING 3 Legendaries!

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Top artists from Marvel, DC, etc

Stan Yak

His notable projects include Go West from Alterna and Broken Gargoyles with colorist Robert Nugent and work with publishers including Alterna Comics, Source Point Pres.

Douglas Franchin

Projects for Marvel Comics drawing X-men Blue: Toil and Trouble; for DC Comics drawing the ‘Person of Interest’ comic book adaptation.

Giulia Gualazzi

Visual artist and character designer, she co-produced Spin Cycle and works on many projects, Cleanse V", "The Watch", "London Gothic" and "No church in the wild". In June 2020 joined Lev Gleason publication to create a brand new action series, "Crimebuster and Retribution”.

Annapaola Martello

Worked with a variety of publishers including Marvel (Silk # 4, Scarlet Witch # 12, Edge of Venomverse # 1, Marvel’s Black Panther prelude, Captain Marvel # 6 & # 7).

Ilaria Chiocca

Italian comic artist, illustrator and colorist. She has published two manga style comic books with Shockdom as co-author; she's created many book covers and has been published by Lo Scarabeo publisher as a digital painter.

Mauricio Vargas

Storyboard artist who has worked on several commercials for companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Snickers, Milky Way, and Cricket for the Latin American and American markets.

Ario Anindito

Professional comics artist, concept artist and art director that has recently finished working on Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic. He has worked internationally for clients such as Marvel and DC. He has worked in art direction and concept design for movies and TVC.

Cameron Stewart

Cameron is a writer and artist known for his extensive work for Marvel and DC Comics. He is an Eisner-award winner for his original graphic novel Sin Titulo, and illustrated the New York Times bestseller Fight Club 2, written by acclaimed author Chuck Palahniuk.


Works as a visual effects artist.

Travis Mercer

Artist. Freelance Comic Book Penciler. Work experience: DC Comics- Red Hood: Outlaw, Dynamite Comics- Green Hornet, MadCave Studio -RV9, Super Best Friends-Cover.

Ariel Medel

Comic professional since 2012 entering the American industry in 2013 working for Zenescope in titles such as Quest, Masumi, Wonderland and Grimm Fairy Tales. He also drew The Unbeatables, written by Fabian Nicieza, for Marvel Comics and Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman for Dynamite Comics.

Ulises Arreola

In the past he has done extensive colour work for Marvel and DC, now working for Todd McFarlane Productions.

Luca Colandrea

He is part of the Baboon Clan collective and after several collaborations as an assistant (Star Wars Adventures, Midnight Roads, Polaris) and self-productions (Naraka, Glitch) he made his debut as an artist on Samuel Stern # 5.

Lightningworks Roadmap IS OUT OF THIS UNIVERSE


Siege World Game - Alpha Launch

2022 - Q1

eSports Team Started

2022 - Q2

Metaportal Prototype

2022 - Q3

Siege Worlds Game - Beta Launch

2022 - Q3

SW0 - Our First NFT Comic Drop!

2022 - Q4

Moon-1 #1 Comic Drop

2022 - Q4

Siege Worlds #1 Comic Drop

2022 - Q4

Shi Yang CLAN NFT Drop

2022 - Q4

Throng VR Experience

2022 - Q4

Throng #1 NFT Comic Drop

2023 - Q1

Pumi #1 NFT Comic Drop

2023 - Q1

Gunflowers Manga NFT

2023 - Q1

Prime Ape Chronicales #1

2023 - Q2

Card Game NFTs Clan Battle

2023 - Q2

Anastia #1 NFT Comic Drop

Meet the team

Founding members, developers, designers & influencers

Geoff McCabe

Founder and President Visionary Top-100 Crypto Founder

Jordan Fiksenbaum

Chief Executive Officer. Responsible for over $5b+ revenue, 50 million tickets sold at Cirque du Soleil

Munib Rizvi

Chief Operations Officer - 15 years ops efficiency for fortune 100 companies.

Ace Harman

Writer, Art Director and Chief Production Officer

Jake O'Connor

Co-founder of Games Interactive

Abigail Loaiza

Full Stack Developer, Anime and Video Game lover, Otaku at heart, figure collector.

James Encke

Chief Technology Officer. 20+ Years Senior Software Engineer.

Berto Cartagena

Founder of Identify Your Brand. Specializing in NFT & Web3 Marketing.

Elias Gomez

Project Development Manager

Daniel Vasquez

Electronic Developer / Designer

Luis Smith


Sebastian Hidalgo


Pamela Sanchez

Full Stack Developer

Munib Rizvi

Chief Operations Officer - 15 years ops efficiency for fortune 100 companies.

Joe Abdallah

Blockchain Lead Developer

Thomas Burkhardt

Cryptocurrency experience since 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Blockchain Technology. Avid play-to-earn gamer and comic book fan.

Paola Castro

Content Developer / Graphic Designer

Monica Guillen

Graphics Designer and UX/UI designer. Love pets, arts, science, MMORPG´s, and comics.

Pablo Mendez

Graphics Designer / Videos / HTML-CSS. He loves to be involved in anime, movies and video games world.

Heather Gazdik

Analyst and technologist, cross functional team member.

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