Wuji Games

What is Eatrh Defender?

Earth Defender players will learn real permaculture skills including how to plant trees, fruits, vegetables, and plants as well as build homes, collect & store water and even produce energy. A portion of all in-game sales of NFTs (i.e. Skins, Tools, Characters, Weapons, Land and in-game level ups) will go towards planting trees, while NFTs representing the trees get minted.

Our platform and Game Engine will track the regenerative actions such as trees being planted, and then use the Natural Capital Accounting principle to generate rewards from the improvement of living ecosystems, creating a new Green Standard where regenerating the earth is the new incentive.

Grant Proposal

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About Wuji Games

Wuji Games is a video game developer focused on “green” gaming. Wuji integrates positive Environmental Action (IRL) into games utilizing NFT’s & the Metaverse. Wuji’s first Game, Earth Defender, will be the first Regenerative Gaming Rewards Engine & NFT Metaverse.

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